A Day in the Life at P37 Cannabis: Bridging Gap Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis in Albuquerque

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at a cannabis company like P37 Cannabis? Here’s a peek into a day in a life at P37 Cannabis, an Albuquerque-based company, dedicated to serving both medical and recreational cannabis communities.

Arrival and Morning Duties

Every day at P37 Cannabis begins early. Our team starts the day by reviewing the inventory and preparing the dispensary for patients and recreational customers. Our dedicated professionals take great pride in their in-depth knowledge about the plant and its therapeutic effects. They continually educate themselves on the variety of strains, their potency, and their proposed health benefits to ensure they offer quality advice to our customers.

Midday at P37 involves a flurry of activities. Our team assists a wide spectrum of customers, from first time cannabis users to seasoned veterans. They efficiently navigate between consulting patients on the best medical strain to advising recreational consumers about vaping cannabis responsibly.

A Balanced Afternoon Serving the Albuquerque Cannabis Community

Post lunch, our staff regroup and strategize for the afternoon rush. This is the time we often organise educational sessions about the safety and benefits of medicated cannabis. Most often, we find our afternoons peppered with questions from curious customers considering cannabis as a safe therapeutic alternative.

Towards the evening, our team debriefs and reevaluates the day’s work, emphasizing areas where we can improve. We take pride in our transparency and commitment, always striving to offer top-notch service to the Albuquerque cannabis community.

A Close-Knit Family Serving the Community

As the day winds down, it’s the camaraderie amongst the P37 team that truly shines. Each day, despite the challenges, the team stays driven by the common objective of making medicinal and recreational cannabis accessible, affordable and accepting in Albuquerque.

Every staff member at P37 is more than an employee. They are part of a family, a movement passionately working towards de-stigmatizing cannabis use and educating the community about the potential health benefits of this exceptional plant.

Join us at P37 Cannabis, and experience this unique journey into the world of cannabis – where we’re changing perceptions, one strain at a time.